by johnmarchiony

NEF_LOGO_FULL_COLORNew Enterprise Factory designs, launches and scales revenue-generating, mission-driven ventures.

We find the profit in non profits.

Mission The New Enterprise Factory’s Mission is to help organizations — usually non-profits — take their under-realized assets and turn them into mission-driven earned revenue. Our team thinks like entrepreneurs while respecting and honoring non-profit missions, perspectives and operational nuances.

Approach First understanding, then strategy, then planning and then driving revenue.  That’s our approach.  We work with your team to maximize the productivity of existing programs, identify revenue-generating enhancements and extensions, or create revenue streams from unrecognized or underutilized assets.  With decades of experience as non-profit executives at diverse organizations, we understand the special culture, missions, and operating conditions of non-profits.

Results The New Enterprise Factory team has a history of generating results and revenue through innovative, creative, and pragmatic programs.

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